Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I wanted to dump some memories of life lately - I love looking back at my posts and there have been some special memories I wanted to document!  It has been a fun couple of weeks around here.

We went to a baseball game with friends and these two are the best of friends!  Go Cardinals!!

We've been doing daily walks and they have been so nice!  We have met some neighbors too!

**please ignore the grainy-ness my photos have.  I am working on learning how to upload photos so this doesn't happen.  But it gives me a headache - so I'll learn more another day!

Every now and then, the girls will actually play together.  Well... Savannah always wants to play with big sister - so I should say every now and then Addison decides to play so sweetly with Savannah and it melts my heart!

We made pizzas for dinner with Grandpa and Addi loved it!  She ate just as many toppings as she put on!  Grandpa too :)  

We are so blessed!