Friday, October 3, 2014

The Four Februarys!

This is seriously too much fun!  And God is so good!  The most important thing to start this post off with is that there are 4 healthy babies and healthy pregnancies.  What a blessing!

Now, a little background...
- Katie and Erica find out they are pregnant and due towards the beginning of February.
- Emily finds out she is pregnant and tells Katie and Erica that she is due in February.
- Katie and Erica decide to surprise Emily with their news once all first appointments are done.
- Chelsey finds out she is pregnant.
- Katie and Erica surprise Emily during a "picture" (it was actually a video) of the three of them with their exciting news.
- All three are due within 10 days of each other!
- Chelsey tells her news and makes it now four of us due within 21 days of each other!

Did you get all that?  So exciting!

Sam and Chelsey found out they are having a sweet little girl.  They have two boys and wanted to tell their oldest the exciting news along with the news of a brother or sister.  It's going to be adorable watching those brothers swoon over a baby sister.

Meanwhile, Erica goes to her gender sonogram and has to keep it quiet for two weeks until Katie and Emily go to theirs.

We had all gone shopping prior and picked out a girl outfit and a boy outfit that we would then buy once we knew the gender that we would pull out of a bag to be the reveal.  

So then party time came!  Goodness was it hard talking about the baby and not slipping a he or she!

Predictions were made

Food was prepped

We also did the same for Chelsey but not written down since we knew they were having a girl, and her wives tales all pointed to girls as well!

Then came the moment of reveal!

Getting the outfits ready...


Chelsey was out of town unfortunately... we will get a picture with her next time!

All the daddys and their sweet little girl outfits!  So cute! :)

I am still in shock that 4 little Valentine girls will be headed our way!

We also did some games.  Pretty fun!  The kid count will double!  From 4 to 8!

Oh and a hot air balloon stopped by the party too 

God is so good!  We are blessed!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Well hello beautiful glorious fall!

A couple weekends back we were able to experience something through Addison's eyes.  It's one of my favorite things being a parent.  I love watching a brand new experience through her eyes.  

Addi is always aware and taking things in.  She has been this way since she was born.  Can't miss what is going on!  She loves to watch, learn and try it on her own.

She loves holding our hand and guiding us to where she needs to be.  Seeing her hold her daddy's hand is always one of my favorite moments.  Nothing like a daddy daughter relationship!

Fall is such a special time each year.  The air has a new crisp-ness to it.  Kind of like a breath of fresh air.  The hot and busy summer days are fading away, the holidays will be here before you know it, but the fall gives you a chance to catch your breath.

And fall gives you a chance to do simple things like pick pumpkins.  Finding the right ones to sit on your door step to decorate or carve.  It seems to always take hours more than it should.  It starts with one simple task of picking pumpkins.  But making memories, taking pictures, and deciding which is just the right one, always makes the time longer and that much more perfect.

Life is simpler in the fall.  A great reminder of God's love for us.  He is the breath of fresh air to our busy lives.  He is what fills us with joy and blessings.

He also gives us sweet little girls to love.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First one off to Kindergarten

It's hard to believe the first of the cousin clan is headed off to Kindergarten tomorrow.  In order to celebrate how proud we are of him and remember this special time we took pictures and ate lunch at the family Bar & Grill.  All his choice :)

Sweet, sweet boy


We all blinked and now he is headed to kindergarten

Such a sweet heart

As a preschool teacher, I never get tired of little hand's writing

Proud of his bookbag and lunch box
The cousin clan!

How does it work that the youngest is always the most cooperative?

Lunch time games

Watching the cars go by

They adore each other

Some phrases like "ok this is your wedding" " walk down the aisle" "you're getting married" occurred and brought back some cousin memories of my own

Looks like a proud MooMa

And that my friends, is a wrap!

 I haven't been behind the camera in a long time, nor have I blogged in a long time, and man... it felt good!  Maybe I'll have to do it all again!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Thanks for stopping in!  As you can see - the blog has been on a long break.  Maybe someday I will pick it back up again.  

Until then - I am busy with family, friends, and my Etsy shop: EOgdenAve

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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