Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First one off to Kindergarten

It's hard to believe the first of the cousin clan is headed off to Kindergarten tomorrow.  In order to celebrate how proud we are of him and remember this special time we took pictures and ate lunch at the family Bar & Grill.  All his choice :)

Sweet, sweet boy


We all blinked and now he is headed to kindergarten

Such a sweet heart

As a preschool teacher, I never get tired of little hand's writing

Proud of his bookbag and lunch box
The cousin clan!

How does it work that the youngest is always the most cooperative?

Lunch time games

Watching the cars go by

They adore each other

Some phrases like "ok this is your wedding" " walk down the aisle" "you're getting married" occurred and brought back some cousin memories of my own

Looks like a proud MooMa

And that my friends, is a wrap!

 I haven't been behind the camera in a long time, nor have I blogged in a long time, and man... it felt good!  Maybe I'll have to do it all again!

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