Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I wanted to dump some memories of life lately - I love looking back at my posts and there have been some special memories I wanted to document!  It has been a fun couple of weeks around here.

We went to a baseball game with friends and these two are the best of friends!  Go Cardinals!!

We've been doing daily walks and they have been so nice!  We have met some neighbors too!

**please ignore the grainy-ness my photos have.  I am working on learning how to upload photos so this doesn't happen.  But it gives me a headache - so I'll learn more another day!

Every now and then, the girls will actually play together.  Well... Savannah always wants to play with big sister - so I should say every now and then Addison decides to play so sweetly with Savannah and it melts my heart!

We made pizzas for dinner with Grandpa and Addi loved it!  She ate just as many toppings as she put on!  Grandpa too :)  

We are so blessed!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

February Four!

Remember this post - The Four Februarys?

Well those sweet babies are now 6 months old!

 photo FourGirlsEdited2_zpskl8hophc.jpg

How adorable are they???

They actually all weren't born in February, but will always be remembered as the February Four.  They are in birth order - left to right and 3 weeks apart!  So. much. fun.  We are all so thankful they are all happy, healthy little girls!  And I think best friends forever already!

And some outtakes:

Parents are jumping, clapping, crazy.... in hopes for a smile.... this is what we got.  

Caption this one!  :)

Drama already?  

And this is the whole gang (minus 1).  Our group of kiddos went from 4 to 8.  After playing outside and popsicles - this was as good as we could get!

As I always say - we are blessed!  And not just Eric and I - but all the mommys and daddys of these cuties!

Friday, August 14, 2015

A Day in the Life

Life is flying by with two littles.  I wanted to take a moment to remember what these days were like.  Because I really can't remember these days when Addison was Savannah's age... and really, it wasn't that long ago!

Currently Savannah is 6 mo, and Addison is 2 years.

We have a great morning routine right now!  Addison gets up at 7 and we hold off Savannah's breakfast bottle till then.  Both girls and I cuddle up on Savannah's oversized rocker, Savannah gets her bottle and then we read some books.  I get the girls dressed then we head downstairs for Addison's breakfast and Savannah's solid breakfast.  We then head out for a morning walk with our dog, Ellie.

Savannah takes a nap while Addi and I get some one on one time.  Most days we try and get out in the morning.  Whether it's playing outside, story time, the store, or play date.  Our current favorites are signing time at a local library, story time at Barnes and Noble or the library, or play dates!  Getting out with two in tow has gotten easier.  Savannah is pretty good at sitting with Addi or sitting in the cart!  Much easier than lugging around her in the carseat.  Addison does a great job staying close to me and holding my hand.  She climbs in Savannah's side of the jeep and gets herself into her seat for me to come and buckle her in.

We usually eat lunch at home.  Savannah's on a pretty good breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime bottle schedule.  She is eating solids now and can't get enough of it!  Thankfully I am getting the girls both down for naps around 1:00 and it's been wonderful!  I work on etsy sales, do some housework, or take some downtime!

After naps is usually filled with some more playing and a snack.  Addison has loved pretend playing or talking Savannah's ear off.  Savannah is crawling and gets up to her knees on everything - so she loves trying to keep up with her sister.  Watching these two interact has been so cute.  They are going to be best of friends!  (Or at least I hope so!)

Once daddy gets home it seems to be craziness until bedtime!  Daddy is our chef (love him for that) so he cooks while I entertain the girls and we catch up on our days.  We all eat dinner then try to play together as a family or squeeze in a walk or errand.  Then bedtime for Savannah at 7 and Addi by 7:30!    

We are so blessed!


PS I was a guest blogger at The Girl in the Red Shoes sharing my breastfeeding [and formula!] story. Thank you again Julie for letting me share my story.  

Friday, July 24, 2015

5 Months Old!

Our little peanut will be 6 months in 1 week.  How. is. that. possible.  

I am not going to lie - going from 1 to 2 kiddos was a bit more of a shock to me than I thought.  However, time goes way faster this time around than it did with Addi so I am remembering that the tough times will pass.  

Since time goes so quickly I have been trying to take more pictures!  Picking up the camera more often has been so nice- I really love being behind the lens.  I feel like I am finally understanding how to actually use it (but still need lots of practice!) and how to organize my photos in order to edit and do something with them.

The first batch I have been so anxious to get together is Savannah's monthly pictures!  You forget how little they are- she was so tiny!  Her round face sure hasn't changed though!

Such a happy little girl!  We are so blessed!


Friday, June 5, 2015

Five for Friday: Addison Edition

Addison has been saying and doing some things lately that I want to remember and cherish- she is just so stinkin cute!

Her sentences and phrases are cracking us up!  
"Addi go to work sometimes."  
"I got it"   
"Addi wore that when little baby"
(startles sister awake) "'nannah not sleeping!  'nannah eyes open!"

She is afraid of the funniest things.  For example a hip hop dance on So You Think You Can Dance, Ellie (our dog) wearing bows on her ears after the groomer, and a piece of fuzz floating in the water during bath.  She now takes bubble baths so I don't have to spend most of the bath time trying to fish out the tiniest speck floating around while she cries that it's going to get her.

The week before she turned two we started asking her how old she was and she quickly would say "four."  Cracked us up.  The best part is when you ask her to count to five she counts "one, two, three, five."  

She adores her sister.  She can't keep her hands off her.  She is constantly asking to hug her, hold her, tickle her, etc.  Savannah's eyes light up and she smiles so big.  I never thought a bond between the two of them could be shown so early on!  I swear I say "gentle" 500 times a day.

After watching Eric play his church softball game Addi so sweetly, with her arms out in confusion, said "no sing song!"  After a moment we realized she meant "Take me out to the ballgame"  I guess she was paying attention when we were at the Cardinals game last weekend.  You betcha we sang it with her on the car ride home!

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