Friday, June 5, 2015

Five for Friday: Addison Edition

Addison has been saying and doing some things lately that I want to remember and cherish- she is just so stinkin cute!

Her sentences and phrases are cracking us up!  
"Addi go to work sometimes."  
"I got it"   
"Addi wore that when little baby"
(startles sister awake) "'nannah not sleeping!  'nannah eyes open!"

She is afraid of the funniest things.  For example a hip hop dance on So You Think You Can Dance, Ellie (our dog) wearing bows on her ears after the groomer, and a piece of fuzz floating in the water during bath.  She now takes bubble baths so I don't have to spend most of the bath time trying to fish out the tiniest speck floating around while she cries that it's going to get her.

The week before she turned two we started asking her how old she was and she quickly would say "four."  Cracked us up.  The best part is when you ask her to count to five she counts "one, two, three, five."  

She adores her sister.  She can't keep her hands off her.  She is constantly asking to hug her, hold her, tickle her, etc.  Savannah's eyes light up and she smiles so big.  I never thought a bond between the two of them could be shown so early on!  I swear I say "gentle" 500 times a day.

After watching Eric play his church softball game Addi so sweetly, with her arms out in confusion, said "no sing song!"  After a moment we realized she meant "Take me out to the ballgame"  I guess she was paying attention when we were at the Cardinals game last weekend.  You betcha we sang it with her on the car ride home!

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