Wednesday, August 26, 2015

February Four!

Remember this post - The Four Februarys?

Well those sweet babies are now 6 months old!

 photo FourGirlsEdited2_zpskl8hophc.jpg

How adorable are they???

They actually all weren't born in February, but will always be remembered as the February Four.  They are in birth order - left to right and 3 weeks apart!  So. much. fun.  We are all so thankful they are all happy, healthy little girls!  And I think best friends forever already!

And some outtakes:

Parents are jumping, clapping, crazy.... in hopes for a smile.... this is what we got.  

Caption this one!  :)

Drama already?  

And this is the whole gang (minus 1).  Our group of kiddos went from 4 to 8.  After playing outside and popsicles - this was as good as we could get!

As I always say - we are blessed!  And not just Eric and I - but all the mommys and daddys of these cuties!

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