Monday, April 23, 2012

A wedding craft

I just remembered about a craft I did for a friend's wedding last August (mainly cause I have a messed up one in my closet).  It was a fun craft that made for cute hangers for the bridesmaid and bride for our dresses before we got all dressed up for the big day!  I thought it would make for a quick post!  Enjoy :)

Here are all the dresses (so pretty!)

It was pretty simple!  I wrote each bridesmaids name on simple wooden hangers and added a white bow to each.  To keep the bows nice and on the hanger I used a small dab of hot glue to keep them in place.

For the bride, I had holes drilled into the hanger and then used a wire to make the cursive, bride to put across the center.  Something extra special for the bride :) 
[sorry it isn't the best picture, I didn't get too artsy with my photos that day.  That was the photographers job!]

It was a beautiful dress too :)

And Eric and I were very lucky to be in the wedding together :)  So here is the picture of us walking down the aisle again, almost exactly two years after our wedding day.

Happy Monday!

E & E

Friday, April 20, 2012


Pinterest has become a wonderful site for me.  I have found new recipes, decorating ideas, organization, crafts, and DIY.  If you are on pinterest and want to follow my boards or look at my pins, here they are.

Every month a group of girls and I get together to craft some of the fun things we have found on pinterest.  I have made a twine bottle and twined the letter E, a Valentine decoration, and a painting for my craft room.  This month I made a vacation shadow box and thought I would share it with you.  It was fun to make and I can't wait to make the other vacation spots we have been to.  Here is the pin that inspired it.

It was pretty easy.  The hardest part was forming the letters out of pictures and that just took computer work.  (Using Photoshop Elements).  Here is what it started as:

I found them at Michaels for buy one, get one.  And had a coupon for a % off my whole total.  My advice - never buy something at Michael's full price.  There are always sales and coupons!

Using photoshop elements (which I love using), I made the trip destination out of pictures from our trip.  Landscape, scenery, memories, and even some pictures of us.

I trimmed it down so that it would be at the top of the shadow box.  The collaged part at the bottom.

Most of our trips are in a file (except our honeymoon which I can't find!) so I pulled out the file of maps, tickets, and other odds and ends.  

I arranged them onto the paper and did some trimming.  I may add our plane tickets to the bottom left hand corner at some point, but for now this shows all our favorite places.

And here is the final product!

Close up of the top:

I almost forgot to put the date in it but just wrote it out and collaged it in.

Here is a close up of the bottom:

We had a great trip to California and this definitely captures all the fun things we did.  The two ticket stubs are our movie tickets to the very last Harry Potter.  It was fun seeing a movie on vacation - I highly recommend it.  It was a neat movie theater too - kind of fancy and had fun soda machines with touch screens.  You picked the soda and the flavor then it filled your cup with that.  Anyway, it also has our Welk Resort ticket, Disneyland, and SeaWorld memorabilia.  The map of San Diego has where we stayed and the areas we explored.

Here are some close up of the letters:

The R is of Eric and I outside our hotel one of the last nights.  The N has the only sunset we went to the beach to see and almost missed it.  It was a crowded area and the sun goes down QUICK!

The S is on our whale watching cruise!  And the A is our license plate of our rental car.  It was fun driving around with California license plates.  
I hope to do three more, one from our honeymoon, one from Sanibel Island, and one after our summer trip that we haven't booked yet!  :)

And just to add since she is so fun :) Here is our Ellie, she is just about 10 weeks old.  She has nicknames already:  My dad calls her Ellie with a belly, I call her Ellie bean, and Eric calls her sweet Ellie (when she is sleeping or nicely playing with a toy), she is crazy Ellie most other times.  Her collar has an annoying tag that falls out... I really need to cut it off.

Hope you all had a great week!
E & E

Monday, April 9, 2012

She is here!

We have had Ellie about a week now.  There have been cute moments, ornery moments, gross moments, hyper moments, and calm moments.  We love having a dog and are enjoying the constant company.  Eric was actually gone this past week, so some of the first adventures were on my own at first and it was very nice to have Eric home so we could double team things.  Here are some highlights of the first week:

We picked her up on Saturday bright and early :)  

Here are two siblings saying goodbye.  They were all very vocal about it too!  

She had an ok car ride home - she finally settled down about a minute from our house.

She had a lot to learn at our house!  She learned about her new toys, water bowl, dog yard, and kennel.  She didn't know she would have to learn that tile is slippery, stairs are kind of scary, chairs are low to the ground and you can hit your head, and that the dishwasher, washer, and ice machine make crazy noises.  After all that learning, she was tuckered out!

The next day, it was time for her first bath.... uh oh!  

The faucet turned on, and she ran the other way!

And wanted OUT!

It was a two person job!  Eric held on to her while I scrubbed her down.

She survived - even though she acted like it was the end of the world!

A clean and good smelling puppy was MUCH better!

Here are some of her other happenings throughout this past week:

She finds her kennel comfortable.... even when her "metal pillow" nearly pokes her eye out.

She chews on EVERYTHING....

She doesn't like being left behind the gate.  She already shows she is a people dog!  She wants to be wherever we are.

She still hasn't figured out her tail and back feet are attached to her body.  She does some pretty funny summersaults while chasing her tail!

She is a very cute puppy, but will be a beautiful golden retriever!  Here are some pretty shots of her!

She went to the vet this week and weighs just about 10 pounds.  Her mom weighed about 90 pounds.  How long do you think it will take for her to grow that 80 pounds?  

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Easter!  Christ is Risen! 
We are so thankful for this Easter season, it is a reminder of how our sins are washed away!  We are so grateful for our amazing and forgiving God.

E & E