Monday, April 23, 2012

A wedding craft

I just remembered about a craft I did for a friend's wedding last August (mainly cause I have a messed up one in my closet).  It was a fun craft that made for cute hangers for the bridesmaid and bride for our dresses before we got all dressed up for the big day!  I thought it would make for a quick post!  Enjoy :)

Here are all the dresses (so pretty!)

It was pretty simple!  I wrote each bridesmaids name on simple wooden hangers and added a white bow to each.  To keep the bows nice and on the hanger I used a small dab of hot glue to keep them in place.

For the bride, I had holes drilled into the hanger and then used a wire to make the cursive, bride to put across the center.  Something extra special for the bride :) 
[sorry it isn't the best picture, I didn't get too artsy with my photos that day.  That was the photographers job!]

It was a beautiful dress too :)

And Eric and I were very lucky to be in the wedding together :)  So here is the picture of us walking down the aisle again, almost exactly two years after our wedding day.

Happy Monday!

E & E

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