Saturday, March 17, 2012

Craft Table

So before I show you the whole transformation of the craft room, I first wanted to show you how crafty Eric and I were in creating the craft table for the room.

This was the inspiration:

But... the price tag for that table... over $1,000

Not the price tag for our lifestyle...

So after some researching online and through pinterest, we came up with our own idea:

We got two cheap hollow doors at Menards and painted them white:

(Using our newly cleaned out basement)

Then we got bookshelves from Target:

And assembled them with varying heights of shelves:

Set them at the distance of the doors and then put the doors up for the tabletop:

And then it quickly was filled and placed in the (awful) craft/storage/orange room:

You can see the shelves hold many crafting things.

It is at a nice height for me to stand or use the bar stool.  

Stay tuned!  The next blog will be about the whole craft room reveal!!!

E & E

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