Saturday, March 10, 2012


Welcome to the newest blog.  It is a lot easier to use and I can even post from my phone!  AND we have lots to share and I really want you to hear all the wonderful things happening around here!

So here is a quick recap of the last couple months before I share all the exciting things happening right now :)

We had a beautiful and blessed Christmas.  We spent time with my family and Eric's.  Here are some pictures to recap:

Here was our Christmas tree and all the presents :)  We LOVE our Christmas tree.  It makes the front room so warm and cozy.  
We went over to my parents house Christmas morning.

A wonderful meal on Christmas!  (Yes... my family LOVES the Packers, if you couldn't tell!)

We got some exciting news from Eric's sister and brother in law....

This nephew just recently had a baby brother- our nephew number 3!

It was a fun age for the little ones to be opening presents!  Lots of "oooos" :)

Then New Years came and 2012 began!

Eric and I made apple nachos (a pinterest find) and they were wonderful!!!

We played games and ate the yummy apples.

Here is a fun group picture with our glow glasses :)

I even pulled together a few decorations for the night.  

It was a fun night and a nice time with friends bringing in the new year!

Stay tuned - Eric and I have had a busy remodeling year so far!  The basement was reorganized and the orange room became a completely different craft room!

E & E

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