Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our appologies

We are dying to show you pictures!  But... our life has been nonstop since we got home.  We got home at 7 pm Sunday.  Monday I moved into my BRAND NEW classroom.  Eric went back to work and has a lot to catch up on.  AND meeting with people in China at night.  I am working on a baby shower and wedding rehearsal invites on the side.  Man... It has been a busy week back!  We plan to show you all the fun we had from food, to the hotels, to the scenes, and the activities!  What a beautiful place Maui is.  God truly is an awesome Creator!  

Hope everyone is having a great week, and hopefully within the next week I can get some posts going!

Here is a sneak peek of our beach for the week- 


E & E

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