Monday, September 17, 2012

Series of Unfortunate Events

What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been!

We went from beautiful, peaceful, perfect Hawaii to nonstop!  For the first time in a LONG time I am actually able to finish up this post!  I have been doing bits of it for the last two weeks!

Since being back I set up and unpacked my classroom, had to find an assistant, do home visits, Eric has been swamped at work and having night time meetings, throw a very fun baby shower, print out a set of rehearsal dinner invites, AND have our computer and printer stop working within a week of each other.  Phew!

But- we have been keeping our noses above water and feel like we are getting things under control.  I actually had time to put up fall decorations this weekend!

I am typing to you on our recently returned Apple computer.  Not only did the computer stop working, but it was the hard drive that stopped working.  Word of advice - back up your files!  We hadn't had a single problem with our wonderful Mac for three years.  And it ran slow one day, so I restarted it, and it never turned back on.  So.  Where are all my files of pictures, invites, songs?  Shipped off to hopefully be retrieved!  So cross your fingers - if not - we have lost the first three years of pictures of our married life!  But we have high hopes and the apple guy feels like it can be retrieved.

So anyway - I thought you might like to see the transformation of my classroom!

I recently did a post of my past classroom.  Looking back at the pictures I realize how small the centers were!  Here are the most recent pictures - the room isn't 100 % but the students love it!  :)

This is what I walked into - a mound of stuff.  

Another view looking at the door into the room:

Construction was still going on - I didn't have my last window in yet!

I started moving things around and figured out my desk corner:  (PS that is a HUGE desk!  I still don't know what to do with all the space!)

I moved stuff around to start getting the furniture set up

Do you see it coming together?

 The centers started taking shape!  Here is the art center:

The dramatic play center:

The block center:

Note the construction guy... this is a common thing.  Even at four weeks into school.

Science center:

Reading and Listening center:

Oops - still need an after!


The writing center:

And the playground!  I need a better picture.  We now have blacktop, basketball hoops, hopscotch, and tether ball   Pretty fun!

The centers look even better than the pictures.  Once the room is full of my students work- I will have to show you the room again.  It has been a great school year so far!  My students are full of energy and all have such unique fun personalities.  I have a chef, a mini me (as in looks like me from when I was her age), twins that I struggle to tell apart (and I have had many sets of multiples), tough boys, girly girls, and  more!

Sorry again this post took forever to get out.  Lets hope that life can slow down a bit.  But with the holiday season (yes, I said it) just around the corner... life might slow down.... never!

It's a blessed life though! 


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