Monday, July 9, 2012

Cute cute cute!

We celebrated Eric's mom's birthday a couple weeks ago and had a fun time with the nephews!  I wanted to share some of the cuteness that occurred that day :) 

The grandsons helped blow out the candles.  
The birthday girl is on the left - and she is a happy grandma with all three grandsons helping!

And this grandson REALLY loves to help.

The boys helped her open her present
 (which I never took a picture of - it was a flower pot)

Team work :)

Even the littlest (4 mo) can help!

The box is the most fun part of any gift!

The best picture we could grab without one of the three running off, falling over, or looking around... they are just busy helpers!

How cute are they?  (both a little over 2 years)
We love them so much!

E & E

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