Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mother's Day

Yes, I know that Mother's Day was forever ago, but I have been told by some family members that I never get pictures to them.  I did plan to email the pictures to them but then thought I would put them on the blog.  Then I realized I don't think anyone looks at the blog.  (Atleast they never mention anything about it- hint hint)  So I went back to the thought that I will just email the pictures to them... and well, I never did.  :)  

So since they claim they look at the blog - here goes our Mother's Day cookout.  (By the way - I think my mom's camera has more on it - these are all I have.)

This was the first weekend my cousin, her husband, and their two adorable boys moved back.  Here are my mom and dad with their flower girl's (aka niece's) boys.

 Here is our puppy, remember this is not her size as of today.  She still looks like such a little peanut in this picture.  And she is eating a chewing bone.  That is not an orange tongue.  

 Isn't she a cutie!  I will give an update on her growth again when she celebrates her 6 month birthday (Aug 12).  If you missed her 3 month growth - check it out here.

Here we are with the boys - someone was being a wiggle worm and not wanting to be in the picture.  He sure has a cute smile though :)

And here is the other cutie, Cheese Sauce (nickname given by big brother).  

Honestly - This next picture is what the family really wanted.... but you had to look at all the others just for fun too :)

And if you look back at the last picture - my mom is looking at the pictures on her camera.  There are probably more pictures there to check out too :)

Happy Mother's Father's 4th Wednesday?  


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