Saturday, May 12, 2012

3 months!

Ellie is 3 months today!

And oh my is she growing!  She has had two puppy classes now!  It will be wonderful to see her grow and learn in her class.  She was very excited to play with all the other dogs and some of them were a little overwhelmed by her at first.  She has learned: heel, halt, leave it, and sit.  She also has been doing the agility courses- like the tunnel, shoot, seesaw and incline.  She loves them all!  We are working on stay and turning while walking.  And the biggest of all we are working on- her biting!  Puppy teeth are very sharp!  We are pretty sure we will have a celebration when she starts losing them!

Here are some fun shots of her growing!

This was her at 7 weeks right after we got her:
(Use the stuffed giraffe as a comparison)

This was at 10 weeks: 

This was at 12 weeks:

Here is another way she would like to show her growth.  This wasn't planned - this is from us laughing at her silly favorite spot!

This is at 9 weeks:

This is at 10 weeks:

This is at 13 weeks:

Hope you all have a great weekend!

E & E

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