Monday, May 28, 2012

Wedding Season!

It's that time of year again!  Surprisingly though, Eric and I only have 3 weddings this summer (I think).  So that isn't too many compared to the last few years.  This past weekend I went to a bridal shower for a long time friend who gets married in just a couple weeks!  I finally got to use a fun pinterest find and make a useful gift for her and her fiance!

If I had more time last week I would have made the tags over with my own creative touches, but I just used the template that was on the blog.  Here is how it turned out: 

The tag farthest to the right goes on the top - it says Marriage Survival Tool Kit

Each tool was labeled with a tag.  Here is the Jpeg:
I used card stock, cut them out, punched a hole and tied each card to its piece.  It ends up being a really great starter tool kit for newlyweds.  Good for hanging decorations/pictures and little fixes.

Packed it all in:

Here is the final product - with easy wrapping!

And here is the bride to be opening it up!  I think she enjoyed it and I bet her fiance enjoyed hearing of this gift.

She read them all off to everyone - and it even worked for the game we played.  Since they are honeymooning in Hawaii, they had a contest for the leis and if you said her fiance's name, love, church, or wedding then you had your lei taken away.  And as she read them, she said the word love.  Oops!  I was awful at the game and had my lei taken away right away and never got one back.  

Happy Wedding to them!

and Happy Memorial day to all!

E & E

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