Monday, July 2, 2012

Photography Class

What a fun week last week was!  I took a photography class where we went outside everyday, even in the 100 degrees and shot away.  It was a blast and I learned a lot about shooting in manual.  My goal- unless absolutely needed - is to shoot in manual at all times.  I am not good at the "quick" set it up yet, so if a picture comes along that I must use the auto for or I will miss the shot, then auto it is.  We were also taught to have the best photo "in camera."  And I am so glad to have been taught that.  No need for photoshop and editing later.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the class:  (two others were already posted here)  

(I need to photoshop the little loop out at the bottom of this picture)

Any favorites?  

Next goal = kids and moving things.  Still life is awesome, but I have some busy nephews and cute puppy that would be fun to catch.  I did get a little practice last night but had to use my flash and didn't learn much about the settings with that.  Maybe that can be my next class - this class certainly wasn't my last!  :)


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