Monday, July 30, 2012

Who's birthday is coming up?

I am awful at dates - remembering anything, especially numbers, is very hard for me.  When Eric and I first started dating, we decided our "dating anniversary" as the 14th because the 14th is my birthdate - so then I would be able to remember!  

So when I came across these on pinterest - I thought how perfect.  It doesn't have to be re written on the calendar each year and gives an at a glance feeling to it.

The versions I found online were a little too advanced for what I wanted to do.  For example each date was made out of wood.  I didn't want to bother Eric with cutting out all those circles or painting all the circles.  I wanted to be able to add more dates easily and without being a chore.  Just as you would quickly add a date to a calendar.  So I came up with my own version.

I found a board from Michaels and painted it white:

I then found these fun words and painted them to add on.  I thought the phrase live and love was fitting for the calendar since the dates were birthdays (live) and anniversaries (love).

Dividing it up to put the months on it was a little tricky, but it worked out.

For the dates I used a new circle cutter (these are pretty fancy!)

And cut out circles at 1 3/4" and punched holes at the top and bottom.

I put the hooks in by hand except for one - the wood was soft and the hooks have screws on the end of them so they went in pretty easy.  Eric had to drill the one stubborn one.

I wrote everyone's anniversaries and birthdays and even drew a fun picture on them to represent what the date is:

And yes, Ellie gets one too :)

And on the back of them I plan to write the year as well so I can always check how many years it is:

Using necklace spring rings, I attached all the dates in order to put under each month.

They somewhat overlap but I was ok with that.  I didn't want to make the circles too small or have to buy too long of a board- so this works for me.

Here is the final project.  Not hung up yet - it has a specific place in the laundry room but the laundry room isn't ready yet! 

I hope to add more dates of extended family, but have only started with immediate for now.  We have a niece coming soon - so I can't wait to be able to add her date in!  She has one more day to be added to the July link!

**UPDATE: I realize the April, May, and June got flipped!  Oops!  It was fixed after the picture was taken - They had fallen off while moving it and I didn't pay attention to where I put them.  See... another reason I need something like this!  

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mother's Day

Yes, I know that Mother's Day was forever ago, but I have been told by some family members that I never get pictures to them.  I did plan to email the pictures to them but then thought I would put them on the blog.  Then I realized I don't think anyone looks at the blog.  (Atleast they never mention anything about it- hint hint)  So I went back to the thought that I will just email the pictures to them... and well, I never did.  :)  

So since they claim they look at the blog - here goes our Mother's Day cookout.  (By the way - I think my mom's camera has more on it - these are all I have.)

This was the first weekend my cousin, her husband, and their two adorable boys moved back.  Here are my mom and dad with their flower girl's (aka niece's) boys.

 Here is our puppy, remember this is not her size as of today.  She still looks like such a little peanut in this picture.  And she is eating a chewing bone.  That is not an orange tongue.  

 Isn't she a cutie!  I will give an update on her growth again when she celebrates her 6 month birthday (Aug 12).  If you missed her 3 month growth - check it out here.

Here we are with the boys - someone was being a wiggle worm and not wanting to be in the picture.  He sure has a cute smile though :)

And here is the other cutie, Cheese Sauce (nickname given by big brother).  

Honestly - This next picture is what the family really wanted.... but you had to look at all the others just for fun too :)

And if you look back at the last picture - my mom is looking at the pictures on her camera.  There are probably more pictures there to check out too :)

Happy Mother's Father's 4th Wednesday?  


Monday, July 16, 2012

New School

I will be moving to a new school this fall.  The last two years I taught Preschool (3 & 4 year olds) in a Middle School.  Crazy right?  It actually worked out great!  My principal helped out and really enjoyed the students and I used 6th graders as helpers!  Now I will be moving to the new school and the transitions are starting!  I am about to begin the process of finding a new aide (my aide from last year will be just down the hall now - teaching Kindergarten!!!!  So excited for her!).  I need to start planning how I want my room layout and start typing up paper work and class information!  

Here is what my classroom looked like when I went to see it for the first time!  (They hadn't put in the new carpet)

I loved my window!  Over the two years there we saw birds (I had a bird feeder set up), squirrels, deer, cows (angus farm next to us), and even a coyote!

Here is what it looked like ready to go for the first day of school... it didn't stay this pretty for long!
(dramatic play)

The art center

The writing center

The manipulatives

The large group/circle time

And the reading center

I really wish I would have taken pictures of these centers once they have been played in and had the students work, creations, and mess all over!  Well, fast forward two years and I was packing my room up:

My assistant and I disinfected the toys with bleach:

Re-sorted all the books (SO glad we did this - it will be nice to just unpack them once at the new school)

And stacked it all up to be moved over

And even had to use the hallway!

At this point, I felt sort of weird.  Sad to be leaving the classroom that seemed to be perfect for my layout.  Nervous how I would fit in to an elementary school.  And even overwhelmed at all the work that would be ahead. (unpacking, adjusting, working in a team, getting used to staff, students around us my students age, etc)

But that quickly changed when we toured the new school.  The pictures aren't going to show too much, this was its progress in May - but I will explain the best I can.

This is the front door to the new school.  We are walking up where the entrance side walk will be.

Each grade level is split into "pods" to make each grade have their own school feeling.  It will be nice to use this are for different centers, individualized small groups, etc  Our PreK pod has this large window (well the window isn't there yet).  If I remember right the play ground will be the view out this window.

Here is my classroom!  I am so excited how much natural light there will be!!!  I have a corner window, to windows to the right and one more to the left.  It may not look that exciting from the picture - but it is!  And the classroom has its own bathroom for the students!  (This is a HUGE change from 6th grade bathrooms halfway down the hall)

And here is the view from the corner window.  I know it's not exciting now, but it will be!  The view (as of now) isn't toward any houses and that makes me very happy!  I love having a bird feeder outside the window and seeing trees :)

Can't wait to show you more!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Cute cute cute!

We celebrated Eric's mom's birthday a couple weeks ago and had a fun time with the nephews!  I wanted to share some of the cuteness that occurred that day :) 

The grandsons helped blow out the candles.  
The birthday girl is on the left - and she is a happy grandma with all three grandsons helping!

And this grandson REALLY loves to help.

The boys helped her open her present
 (which I never took a picture of - it was a flower pot)

Team work :)

Even the littlest (4 mo) can help!

The box is the most fun part of any gift!

The best picture we could grab without one of the three running off, falling over, or looking around... they are just busy helpers!

How cute are they?  (both a little over 2 years)
We love them so much!

E & E

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!!!!

We hope everyone has a great holiday and enjoys time with family and friends!

Maybe this year we will have to try a 4th of July photo again!  
(This was our best attempt last year)

E & E

Monday, July 2, 2012

Photography Class

What a fun week last week was!  I took a photography class where we went outside everyday, even in the 100 degrees and shot away.  It was a blast and I learned a lot about shooting in manual.  My goal- unless absolutely needed - is to shoot in manual at all times.  I am not good at the "quick" set it up yet, so if a picture comes along that I must use the auto for or I will miss the shot, then auto it is.  We were also taught to have the best photo "in camera."  And I am so glad to have been taught that.  No need for photoshop and editing later.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the class:  (two others were already posted here)  

(I need to photoshop the little loop out at the bottom of this picture)

Any favorites?  

Next goal = kids and moving things.  Still life is awesome, but I have some busy nephews and cute puppy that would be fun to catch.  I did get a little practice last night but had to use my flash and didn't learn much about the settings with that.  Maybe that can be my next class - this class certainly wasn't my last!  :)